Friday, August 7, 2009

Day on the Road, NY

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
I managed to get in a few more chapters of “A Storm of Swords” before the wife and dog stirred. Absolutely riveting book. Carol is currently reading “Master and Commander” and seems to enjoy high seas adventure as much as I do. Next, I pedaled up to the swimming hole for a quick dip while she showered. We packed the Casita and were back on the road by 2 o'clock. We were finally leaving Ithaca. Our new plan was to drive up into the Adirondack Mountains in the northern part of NY state. Vince had recommended Blue Lake campground so we pointed the van in that direction.
Backroads and a leisurely pace allowed us to enjoy our new Donna the Buffalo cd's. We decided to get their live cd next. We passed through Blue Lake without finding the campground, so we pressed on. As it was getting dark, I found a wide and level snowmobile turnaround big enough to accommodate the Casita so we spent the night there. It's always nice to get a free night's stay in the middle of nowhere.

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