Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally, Nova Scotia...with a hurricane approaching

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another moving day. We had thought about touring the Acadian side of the island but after further map and calendar consultation, realized that something had to be cut out. At Summerside, we searched in vain for a library or other facility offering wi-fi, with no luck. Before crossing the Confederation bridge back into New Brunswick, we stopped at the same visitor center which marked the beginning of our island stay. Carol tried to update the blog using a flash drive on one of the center's public computers but even that was unsuccessful. Oh well, one of these days we'll get it updated. I keep telling her it doesn't matter. Few if any people are actually reading it. Make no mistake, we are doing this for ourselves. This is our scrapbook. A better title might be be: Jim & Carol's Most Excellent Adventure.

The return trip over the bridge was sunnier and brighter than when we'd first crossed over, and we were finally close to our ultimate destination; Nova Scotia, the Far Side of the World.

Our arrival at the Nova Scotia visitor center was the first we learned about Hurricane Bill. Having been on an idyllic island for 11 days without news or television, we were oblivious to the fact that a hurricane was on its way north, with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island directly in its path. The friendly girls at the visitor center informed us that all of the Provincial Parks and campgrounds were closing for the next couple of days. Seeing that the storm was fast approaching and it was getting late, we decided not to push on any further but instead were directed to a nice private campground, Loch Lomond, only 5 miles away. After detaching the van, we drove into the little town of Amherst for supplies. There was nothing to do but hunker down and let Bill blow himself out to sea.

Later in the evening, after the prerequisite bike ride around the campground, the winds started really picking up. Nestled snugly in the Casita's double bed we were ever so grateful not to be tenting. Back on PEI Carol had purchased a couple of used movies, one of which was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Popping that one into the DVD player, we pulled up the covers and entered a most strange and fascinating world. We both enjoyed the film immensely.

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