Monday, August 24, 2009

Amqui, Quebec - on the Metapedia River

Tuesday August 4, 2009
It takes about 600 foot pumps to blow up Ulysses, the inflatable boat. Using the bellows type air pump is a tedious affair. I have lately taken to listening to Donna the Buffalo on the portable cd player to make this process more bearable. Sometimes Carol helps but mostly it's my foot going up and down. She has her own things to do before embarking on a boating expedition. There are sandwiches to be made, beverages to be stored as well as tending to Nicky's needs and of course, The Kybalion. We never leave shore without it.

The sun was shining, we were out on the water, life is good. Passing under a covered bridge we soon found ourselves faced with a choice. The river forked. To the left there were rapids, to the right, more of the same. We choose the rapids. They really weren't all that much but when one is so close to the water things seem to be going faster than they truly are. Finding ourselves in another river section calmer than the previous one, we floated. Carol got out the Kybalion and read. I sunk back in my “Captains chair” and listened.

On the way back we had to portage the boat but that was relatively easy. We both wear water shoes making such maneuvers possible. I watched a guy start the outboard motor on his boat, after a rough launching, and nearly go overboard from the initial thrust. Things to remember not to do.

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