Monday, August 24, 2009

St. Luce, Quebec

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The day started off a bit overcast and on the blustery side but we got the bikes off the rack and headed along the beach. About a mile or two into the ride we stopped at an extensive stretch of rock where numerous tide pools were collecting. Fancying myself as an old time naturalist I poked, prodded and observed the seemingly endless variety of life forms going about their business which seems to consist entirely of finding food and mating. Carol spent most of her time beach combing. The jetsam and flotsam of the sea is another source of endless fascination. The things that wash up never cease to amaze. She wound up with quite a collection; most of which we kept to take home.

Back at Luciole, the wonderful result of a family converting the grounds of their private residence into a campground, we watched the sunset from the comfort of our folding red arm chairs. Afterwards, we strolled back down to the waterfront and had superb dinner overlooking the Saint Lawrence river which, at this juncture on its lengthy journey, looks more like an ocean. Back in the Casita with electricity and wi-fi we enjoyed some more dvd's as well as each other. (Vince, that's code for more bicycling.) I'm still enjoying my novel series, while Carol is reading Fulcanelli's alchemical book, “Mystery of the Cathedrals”.

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