Friday, August 7, 2009

Monday Morning Coming Down

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothing like a Monday Morning Coming Down. Nicky was to be picked up at her B&B. The cats needed to be fed, plants watered, etc.. V&C came to our place at Tracy's to say goodbye, as he and Christie were to resume their lives back in Philly. Carol and I studied the map for where best to go next, but first there were some urgent Casita duties to attend to. The most pressing was the toilet tank. It was close to overflowing so we needed to find a place to drain it. Campgrounds and state parks always have dump stations so we headed back to Treman State Park, thinking we'd get a day pass to use the facilities, have a swim, then move on. However, since they were charging $7 for a day pass, we decided to pay another $15 and spend the night. This way we could get organized, have a shower, and get an early start the next day. One of the nice things about being on extended vacation is that one can readily adjust plans according to changing events. It was great to be off-schedule again. We unloaded the bikes, pedaled up to the swimming hole and jumped in. That is to say I jumped in. Carol, on the other hand, did a magnificent swan dive from the ten foot diving board. It was pretty impressive, hearkening back to her days on the swim team.
Our campsite had electricity so we watched part two of “Liberty! The American Revolution” on DVD. That was a treat. This PBS series is so informative and well done that it made both of us proud to be Americans again.

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