Monday, August 10, 2009

Ancient Seabed, Vermont

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
They'd told us to check out whenever we liked. . . So we did. Spent the whole day riding bikes down picturesque country lanes, swam in Lake Champlain (which was still not as cold as the swimming hole at Treman Park) and on the way back discovered an important geological site. It wasn't well marked, so I first thought the grounds were part of a private residence, but on persevering we found a unique historical outcrop. Apparently, the exposed rocks here were the remains of an ancient seabed. Upon further examination we could see the fossilized remains of many extinct sea animals. The geological record speaks volumes. This is an accurate account of the earth's history. When I see such places I often wonder what creationists make of them? Do they suppose everyone is lying? That there's a grand conspiracy on the part of scientists to defraud the public? Just how do they rectify the evidence, or do they even bother? I heard there's a museum in Tennessee devoted to telling the creationist story. It's become one of the largest tourist attractions in the state. It doesn't say much for intellectual vigor in that part of the country. If the Bible were written by an all-knowing God, why is it geographically, scientifically, and astronomically inaccurate? If God had written a book, it would surely be an unquestionable (and accurate) literary masterpiece.

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