Monday, August 31, 2009

Amherst, Nova Scotia

Monday, August 24, 2009
With hurricane Bill behind us we ventured into Amherst, the town closest to Loch Lomond, our campground. Nonetheless it was a gray day, swirling clouds and a brisk wind to remind us to keep our jackets on. The directions to the local library were excellent and we were soon ensconced back in the Internet world. Carol updated the blog while I perused news from the financial and political worlds. During a break from the computer, I took Nicky for a quick tour of the town and met a woman making a similar round. While our dogs did their ceremonial dance, she mentioned she was originally from Newfoundland and missed it terribly. She had married a man from Nova Scotia and, to hear her tell it, was practically dragged kicking and screaming from her beloved island to take up her wifely duties here in Amherst. Everywhere we go we keep hearing about how wonderful Newfoundland is. I wonder. . . .
Meanwhile, nothing so increases one's appetite than a long library editing session. Carol was famished by the time she'd finished uploading three weeks of blog. Driving along the quiet streets in search of a cafe we encountered several lively murals. Seems like the locals periodically turn to color to raise their spirits. Anyway, we finally found a terrific little restaurant on Main Street. Carol had the fresh fish and chips while I elected for the less calorically challenging veggie wrap. Unfortunately I wound up consuming most of her chips (french fries) thereby negating my good intentions.
Back at the Casita we took our customary evening stroll before settling in for the night. I found a chess game that came with the laptop and got wrapped up trying to beat the computer. This of course was a futile effort and consumed most of the night. Carol, not to be outdone, grabbed the Blackberry and wrestled with Wordmole for an equally absurd length of time. One more level, one more game: True compulsives at work.

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