Monday, August 24, 2009

Tracadie Beach, PEI

Monday, August 17, 2009

Packed the van for a full day at the beach. The only problem was we couldn't find it. This dog friendly public beach of Tracadie was an elusive catch. After numerous wrong turns and dead ends I was ready to give the up the search. Carol however, persevered. Stopping at a gas station she managed to get precise directions. I was astonished to see that we had missed the correct turn-off not once, but twice. Anyway, arriving at the beach was like a flashback for me. Beginning in the parking lot I felt like I was transported back to The Hamptons, where my family had a summer home in the 1960's. This was the place was similar. Sand castles, frisbees, people playing guitar, dogs running free and best of all a beautiful, white sandy beach where you could actually dive into the water right from shore.

Here we walked, talked and even jogged along the beach. Nicky even followed us into the water, swimming far out to where we were floating. When we’re back in Arizona with the cold December winds blowing and I look out the living room window at the snow capped peaks of the Huachuca mountains, this is the one scene, the one day, I'll remember most. Sun, surf, and our little pack. After a grand time at the beach we returned to the Casita, showered off the salt water and napped. Since it doesn't get dark here until 9-10 o'clock we were able to get a long bike ride in and discovered a new trail, one that would have to wait until the next day to explore.

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