Monday, August 24, 2009

Stanhope Beach, PEI

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We followed the trail discovered last night to an immense cove behind the campground. Here we saw some of the more luxurious homes and golf courses. PEI is also home to the fabled great blue heron. Along the waters edge we saw many of these strange and beautiful creatures. Hopefully, some of the pictures will show them arrayed in all their glory. Their wingspan is huge. We went home shaking our heads at the wonder and beauty of this land.

After a sizable lunch, we locked Nicky safely in the Casita and went to the beach across from the campground. The beach was much less crowded and the water here was shallow and calm, which added a serene tranquility to the day. We had a wonderfully relaxing time without the dog to look after. We were finally able to go in the water together. One of the nice things about dogs as opposed to children is that you can leave them alone without worry of being arrested for it.
The weather, the people, everything here has been just about perfect. The only complaint I have is with the mosquitoes. One has to be fortified at all times with a strong repellent otherwise they can ruin your day.

After all the rich foods and cheeses of Quebec, Carol and I vowed to undo their effects here on PEI. We're both pedalling harder on the bikes and trying to run further than usual. I've made an effort to swim more, while Carol has devised a new exercise regime. She now does her yoga in the water. Quite an amazing feat, as you can see. The picture of me slumped over in the chair might look like I'm dozing but I'm actually hard at work, dreaming of another day just like this one.

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