Monday, August 24, 2009

Seal Cove, Prince Edward Island - Seals!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally got the boat inflated. However, before we set sail, we drove into Montague, the nearest large-ish town, to send another fax. The one room library did not have wireless so I signed up to use one of 6 desktops. Once I printed out my documents I walked into another room which was City Hall. There, for the princely sum of $2.50, the mayor sent my fax.

Back at the campsite, the boat was ready to go. Carol loaded up with the usual provisions and we carried down to the beach. Nicky hopped in and off we went. The first thing we saw was a bald eagle fly directly over us. That was awe inspiring. Carol, knowing she had the choice of either scrambling for the camera and photographing it or simply watching it, she chose the latter. Once past the hundreds of buoy markers indicating a mussel farm below, we were in deep water. The tide was rising but enough of Seal Island was exposed. And there were; seals, everywhere. They bobbed up all around us like little jack-in-the boxes. We saw so many seals that for awhile we were virtually surrounded. I soon got somewhat concerned about their motives. When one broke the surface just a couple feet behind Carol, I thought a hasty retreat was in order. When you see one up close and personal, it can take your breath away, and this one must've weighed at least three hundred pounds. Not being familiar with seal behavior, I didn't know if they would look upon Ulysses as a threat. The last thing I wanted was to have the boat upended by a group of fun loving seals. In the water, what would Nicky appear to them? A meal? A plaything? Not wanting to find out, I hastily made our retreat. When we were a couple hundred yards out of their domain I felt more comfortable. They followed us but not quite so many. That, I felt, was a good sign. Even better was the second bald eagle that passed directly over us. This time Carol tried to get the camera out but it happened way too fast. Still, we both have those images embedded in our minds. Not only the eagles but the seals, as well. As we pulled the boat out of the water we were both exhilarated. Seeing wildlife like that does not happen often. We talked about it all evening, resolving to go back the next day.

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