Saturday, August 1, 2009

Casita day, Ithaca NY

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cold, cloudy, and overcast are not the most inspiring elements to get one out of bed. Therefore, we dawdled. We procrastinated. We read. We worked on the blog. I talked with Vince on the phone. He would not arrive in Ithaca until the next afternoon. Although the first day of the Grassroots Festival begins today, we decide to stay in the Casita and go tomorrow with Vince and Christie. Considering the foreboding weather, and not being altogether sure of how to get there and where best to park, it seemed a good idea to stay home. We also assumed the lesser bands would be playing on Thursday, saving the best for last. Unfortunately, we discovered too late that the opening night performances were considered some of the best of the festival. Rusted Root played, and they were apparently fantastic. If only we'd seen a schedule ahead of time. Live and learn. The excitement of the day was Carol's grapes that included a mutation of three grapes in one.

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