Friday, July 17, 2009

We're off

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
The workmen put the last finishes on our newly repaired and painted house allowing us to get on the road and begin the trip. After all the planning it was a relief to finally get on the road. We headed north to pick up I 10 east. Once on the Interstate, Carol dialed in the Nano and we started the first of seven books on tape. Passing through Deming, New Mexico, a thoroughly depressed and depressing town obviously hammered by the deepening recession, we listened to T. Boone Pickens discuss the oil and gas industry in his book, “The First Billion”. It was a revelation in many ways. Besides being entertaining, Pickens has some very strong opinions about the future of America if we do not soon cope with our increasing reliance on foreign oil. His position on natural gas seems to be a ready-made and feasible solution if only America has the will and leadership to make the shift. He, of course, would profit handsomely from the change-over but America would in the long run also benefit.

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