Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mariposa - Day 2

Saturday July 4, 2009

We started on this trip vowing to stay in shape, hike, bike and jog daily. Unfortunately, the best intentions are more easily said than performed. This morning was our first jog. Afterward, to celebrate this milestone, we went to breakfast with V&C and I consumed a large platter of pancakes. Carol had something equally calorically challenging.

Vince and Christie went straight to the festival and tried to encourage us also to get there earlier, but we returned to the campsite to digest, and didn't get to the festival until later in the afternoon. Part of the problem is the Casita. It is very comfortable and easy to hang out in. Combine that with great books, an indolent nature, a procrastinators heart as well as a contemplative desire to ponder the vagaries of the universe, well that explains everything.

Meanwhile, when we got to the festival the sun had made an appearance, lifting everyones spirits. Vince and Christie had our lawn chairs at the ready. Once again, we confined ourselves to the Main Stage, only venturing forth to get food or look over the craft vendors wares. The musical line-up was mostly unknown to us, with the exception of The Proclaimers, the identical twins with the #1 hit “Walk 500 Miles”. That aside, we looked forward to discovering new talent and expanding our musical horizons. The group “Le Vent Du Nord” (The North Wind) was obviously French, and were energetic and well received. Steven Page, formerly the lead singer/songwriter for the Barenaked Ladies, was laconic but entertaining. I think he was still trying to figure out what direction to take next. He seemed to be less than thrilled about having been a pop star and was now contemplating the vagaries of life.

Daniel Lanois was the closing act (pictured here). He had a great band, kind of on the loud side for my taste but Carol, who is much more knowledgeable about these things, thought he was fantastic. Therefore, I will defer to her wisdom. He was fantastic. She said, “Finally someone who rocks!”.

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