Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ithaca - Day 2

Wednesday, July 8, 2007
The next morning Vince, Christie, Carol and I drove to the Taughannock Falls and hiked up a wooded trail along the river for a good view. The whole Finger Lake district is awash in streams and waterfalls. These you see in the pictures are considered the best in the area by the locals.
Back at the campground, also one of the best in the area, Vince took out his box of old photos. Back in 1972 he was just an amateur photographer. Over the subsequent years he has gone on to become a successful professional photographer, so the pictures he passed around were more like raw movie footage. Some were blurry, some out of focus, but they all brought back great memories of our European days. During the five years I lived in Europe, Vince and I spent many of those days together, traveling along and down the European hippie trail.
That evening Vince managed to persuade Knut to visit us at the campground. We ate ice cream looking out across our meadow, and had a grand time. For awhile it seemed just like old times until Knut said he needed to be taken home before his meds wore off whereby he would start to freeze up. In spite of the shortened stay it was great to see him out and about. Eight years is a long time to be boxed up in a house.

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