Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ithaca - Day 3

Thursday July 9, 2009

We (the foursome) started the morning discussing last nights events and todays schedule over breakfast at the Ithaca Bakery. Ithaca is a very cool college town. Cornell University is here, along with the energy and enthusiasm brought by young, bright, idealistic minds. The town is at the tip of Cayuga Lake, one of the 11 Finger Lakes and this whole area is very green and scenic.

Today's schedule was full. I needed to bring the van into Monro's to get a wheel alignment, oil change and a new set of shocks. One should always get the front end aligned when purchasing new tires. Unfortunately the Wal-mart in Wisconsin where I bought the tires did not offer that service. A grave oversight in their business model. Anyway, once the van was dropped off we headed back to the campground to change sites. This was a nuisance but the only way to remain at the park due to a conflict in the reservations department.

Afterward, Carol and I rode our bikes up to the swimming hole located directly under a magnificently terraced waterfall. Without our swimsuits we could only stroll around the area and admire the beauty of the setting. Later I would return and take the plunge. Diving into 65 degree river water is better than two or three cups of coffee. The jolt to the nervous system puts all of ones faculties on alert. I don't think a person can feel more alive than when they've immersed themselves into really cold water.
After our ride it was back to the campsite for another fabulous meal, courtesy of Chef Christie, and yet another night of reminiscing around the campfire. Nothing like good times with good friends.

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