Friday, July 17, 2009

Entered Wisconsin

Saturday June 27, 2009
We finally reached one of our scheduled destinations, namely the Wisconsin River Resort. We choose this particular destination for its proximity to Frank Loyd Wright's home, Taliesin. The campground was clean and well managed. We finally had a full hookup which means, among other things, running water and electricity. One of the drawbacks of spending the night in rest stops as we have been, is that one uses the trailer battery for lights and the water pump which can be a significant drain. At any rate, we pulled the bikes off the rack and took a quick tour of the area.

The town of Spring Green is a typical small Wisconsin town, with lots of shops selling cheese and wine, and hand crafted goods. There was even a town nearby called the Amana Colonies that was devoted to Amish furniture makers. It was so picturesque that at first I thought we had wandered onto a movie set. However, after several passes we concluded it was an actual living town that had found its niche. Still, I wonder just what these Amish folk are really up to. Could they truly believe it's God's will that they shun modern conveniences? I have difficulty with rational beings swallowing such nonsense. Are they a kind of cult that has developed a strategy which allows them to maintain their patriarchal culture, while masquerading under the guise of religious freedom? I don't know. At least they are harmless enough, and very kind, but I don't see their brand surviving the 21st century. The advancement of science and the Internet is going to make it difficult to keep succeeding generations on the farm. Keeping people ignorant can only work in a completely closed society. I saw a couple dressed in Amish clothing on cell phones. Oh No! Their descendents might very well make a living as reenactment actors rather than actually living in authentic Amish communities.

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