Monday, September 28, 2009

Mira to Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Tuesday September 1, 2009
Off we go again. Another moving day. As far as we can tell it's Nicky's fifth birthday, so Happy Birthday Nicky! For presents she got a couple extra Pupperoni treats as well as an extra long walk.
Left Mira River and Cape Breton. We recrossed the causeway, linking the two parts of Nova Scotia, and started for Halifax. It was a long day and we seem to stop more than drive, plus the road signs are a bit unusual. Instead of showing the typical English/French names, this part of Nova Scotia uses Gaelic and English. Anyway, around 6 o'clock we took the Antigonish exit and discovered yet another charming little town. Carol, consulting the handy dandy camping guide found a private campground nestled in the downtown area. Once inside the gate you would never know there's a bustling little town so close by. We pulled into our campsite to find a bubbling brook right behind us and trails and woods to explore in the morning. Whidden Park even had wi-fi which we appreciated and made great use of. The only knock on the place was that it was really cold at night, almost providing another one of Carol's “I don't think I'm gonna make it” moments.

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  1. Hi there Jim and Carol,

    I work for Nova Scotia Tourism in social media and have had fun reading visiting your blog. We love to hear what our visitors have to say. I drove to North Sydney from Halifax and back in hurricane Danny. I have to say Kudos to you for camping out in it. I thought about all of our tourists at campgrounds...that rain certainly came down!

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your travels in Nova Scotia. Louisbourg is one of my favourite spots as well. Also love your shot of the moose on the beach :)

    I hope you come back again some time!