Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Thursday August 27, 2009

Another moving day. With great reluctance I initiated the process that would take us away from this wonderful provincial park. Once we got the Casita ready for departure, I went back to the beach for one last swim. What made the departure bearable was knowing that we'd cross over to Cape Breton and start on another fantastic journey.
As the afternoon wore on the weather started to change. It soon became noticeably colder, as well as windier. Undaunted, we pressed on. Now that might seem like an ambivalent statement but when one is pulling a trailer, ignoring high winds can have dangerous consequences. Crossing the isthmus that separates the Cape from the rest of Nova Scotia was thrilling. A large ocean going vessel was docked directly in front of us either loading or unloading an immense cargo.

The general idea was to reach Cheticamp, situated along the western coast, and stay in Cape Breton National Park. I was hoping to arrive long before dusk, which makes setting up easier, but once again the scenic beauty of the land thwarted my intentions. The road winds along the shore much like Highway 1 along California's rugged north coast. We were forced to periodically pull over to gaze in mute rapture at the titanic struggle unfolding before us. The now howling winds were driving the heavy waves onto shore, exploding into a thousand pieces as they crashed into the giant rocks that dotted this part of the coast.

Meanwhile, as the last rays of sun disappeared over the horizon, we pulled into the entrance to the park. The staff at the booth were as friendly as ever. No doubt, charging us $90 for two nights stay contributed to their good humor. The site they assigned us was too small for the van and Casita, so I had to race back on the bicycle in dire weather to get it changed. Eventually, we got it sorted out and settled in for the night. Carol and I were both delighted to have electricity. She cooked up a tasty bowl of chili while I checked on the Blackberry for the days' doings in the stock market. Since the wind was blowing pretty hard we elected to forgo our usual evening stroll. There's a lot to be said for staying inside while a storm rages outside. The more the wind rocked our little trailer the warmer and cozier we got beneath the covers.

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  1. Got the nice postcard dated 8/19 from you. Pam and I were in Minnesota with my brother and his wife in their home on the lakeshore north of Brainerd, MN for three weeks. We were goine for five weeks on the road and got home in Tucson on 9/20. Pam and I are very please that you are enjoying the Casita and Astro Van. We love them too but you are getting better use of those wonderful toys.

    May you have another hundred thousand miles of great adventure with no problems.

    Bruce and Pam